Donald G.

I have lived in the Rogers City area for many years. I chose to come to MediLodge of Rogers City so it would be easy for family and friends to visit. More importantly, many of my friends said good things about the service and staff from when they had stayed at MediLodge.
The food service, the therapy team, the nursing care team, and the individual one on one care has been exceptional. From the moment I arrived, I was treated as an individual and like I mattered to each staff member. I have always appreciated anyone who goes above and beyond and every person that walks into my room does just that. The activities department put on an amazing Veteran’s Day service just after I arrived. I was included and was so touched by the flag folding ceremony and the playing of Taps – it was just great!
Every person who helped me tend to my personal needs and to reach my therapy goals has been outstanding. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. There are too many great people to name and I don’t want anyone to feel slighted because EVERYONE has been wonderful! I do not have one complaint about my stay at MediLodge.

As a team sports player, I believe everyone at MediLodge of Rogers City deserves an “Atta boy!” for a job well done!

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