IV Medication Therapy

Intravenous medication therapy has a multitude of uses ranging from fluid stabilization to the administration of medicine. One of the primary purposes of IV-based therapy is to help maintain homeostasis within the body. Healthy individuals can regulate ADH, the hormone responsible for controlling bodily functions such as blood pressure and osmolality, normally; however, individuals that do not have proper function must rely heavily on intravenously administered medication or fluids.

One of the most common conditions treated with IV-based administration is dehydration. Dehydration can happen to any individual, but it is a cause for concern especially in the elderly due to the extended time their bodies need to acclimate to different conditions. The elderly should not fear the use of IV-based medication; this administration will be much faster than taking the medication in any other form.


As is the case with any medication, IV-based medication should be closely monitored to prevent any complications. Many metrics can be used to determine the effectiveness of IV-based medicine. The main changes that should be watched are the normalization of sodium and a reduced heart rate. However, these effects may also not be demonstrated; many factors can affect the positive or negative impact of a successful IV administration of medication. These include a recent injury and the improper use of diuretics. The use of IV-based medication is a smart and effective method to help not just the elderly but anyone requiring the administration of medication and fluids.

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